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We meet our clients where they are--taking charge--leading as well as managing...creating big picture challenges when they don't come uninvited. Our clients are strategic managers working on the organization as well as in it.

Kiely and Associates advises top executives in all sectors: public, private and non-profit. We are award-winning change management consultants who help decision makers:
  • evaluate situations, resources and potential
  • identify opportunities and assess risks and rewards
  • devise strategies that leverage capacities and processes to  achieve results
  • build systems for measuring, monitoring and managing strategic performance

We work with leaders facing big challenges of adversity or disruptive change, exploiting big opportunities for organizational transformation or accomplishing ambitious targets of continuous improvement. This often involves lifecycle situations such as:

  • Launching, building or selling a business...or turning one around
  • Changing governmental administrations...or executing new policy
  • Assuming the reigns of a non-profit...or carrying out a new mandate

Especially when circumstances are urgent—when external change is fast and threatening such as in an economic crisis—a leader seizes the initiative and shapes the future, not adapts to it. Leader's know instinctively that "cope and hope” is not an option.

Kiely and Associates believes that success follows leaders who execute sound strategy. And we are willing to bank on it. Our commitment to business owners, CEOs, public or non-profit executives is to “put skin in the game” and invest a portion of our effort and share the risks and rewards of success.

"There is nothing like a crisis to clarify the mind. In suddenly volatile and different times, you must have a strategy.”

- Richard P. Rumelt 






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