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Dashboards and Scorecards                               Visualizing Performance


Dashboards and scorecards—and the strategic management systems that power them—are the business intelligence tools of choice for executives who seek greater performance. 

Automated, interactive and visual—they dramatically enhance the ability to measure, monitor and manage. Their power resides in enabling organizations to work with:

  • big picture comprehension and granular drill-down of key performance indicators

  • focus and alignment on the vital few metrics that most account for success

  • logic models that  allow forecasting and predictive analysis

Early impediments to adoption—cost, data and access—no longer stand in the way.

Web-based Software-as-Service (SaaS) solutions flatten costs, automate data and control access by anyone, anywhere.

Business owners, chief executives and public officials are discovering the power of  dashboards and scorecards...and dramatically enhancing their leadership and strategic management capacity.

•  •  •

Dashboards and scorecards are also are becoming a highly valued, at-a-glance, reference for a host of organizational stewards, stakeholders and constituents.

Thanks to secure intranets, key people can be kept in the loop and contribute more effectively in their  capacities as...

  • Board directors

  • Council members

  • Trustees

  • Bankers

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Funders

  • Members

All have a stake in organizational success and value information that’s current, concise, clear and visual.


  • a Board member reviewing a scorecard,

  • a foundation officer tracking a grant’s progress,

  • a venture capitalist monitoring a business plan,

  • a banker examining a Balanced Scorecard, or

  • a charity contributor tracking program results...

...the value of being able to access key and on-demand...can be significant to stewards and stakeholders and the value they bring, and—perhaps most important—to the trust that the transparency builds in the organization.

•  •  •

Dashboards and scorecards are also increasingly an expected feature of public and non-profit agency websites, with browsers visiting a host of organizations on-line...perusing, for example,

  • maps and status of highway stimulus funding

  • progress of a university capital campaign

  • results of an environmental remediation

  • outcomes of a soliciting agency’s program

  • trend in the impact of a new public policy

•  •  •

For the power they afford executives, transparency for stakeholders and credibility for constituents—dashboards and scorecards are becoming essential for information sharing and collaboration.

Now, thanks to SaaS hosting, visualizing performance—with interactive business intelligence applications—is no longer restricted to big budget organizations. Let us help you go visual.

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