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Dashboards and Scorecards

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Ability to design visual displays that cover all essentials in a single screen

Custom Dashboards

Creates and organizes all essential information in a single graphical display

Freedom to select and arrange components to appear on Dashboard


Ability to structure scorecards in a variety of formats

Custom Scorecards

Constructs multiple scorecard frameworks and employs a variety of indicators to show status, trend, currency

Allows scorecards to reflect strategy/logic maps with multiple columns and rows and select indicator style


Ability to avoid manual data entry

Automated Data

Ports data from disparate sources, performs data "cleaning" and updates multidimensional cubes

Updates the extraction, transformation and loading of data on-demand


Ability for assigned parties to be informed when an exception trigger is pulled


Tracks changing data against time or performance targets and triggers notices on exceptions

Informs data owner, others, of reporting deadline, unfavorable data trends, trigger points, etc.


Ability for individuals to seek and provide input from others on reported performance


Organizes the ability to share documents, discussion and tools for team collaboration and problem solving

Facilitates sharing of information and communication in repositories, threads, links, etc.


Ability for levels of achievement to be set and used for measurement scaling


Sets benchmarks, milestones, intended level of achievement

Accommodates a variety of target data types for single data or composite indices


Ability to anticipate various events or test the effect of alternative actions

Predictive Analytics

Performs statistical tests and extrapolates data based on the relationship

Enables "what-if" and sensitivity analyses


Ability to investigate data that are made up of multiple components

Drill-down Analytics

Performs analysis of multidimensional data

Enables decomposition and exploration of data


Ability to assign role-based access

Controlled Access

Governs user access related to role

Allows authorized users to access system based on designated privileges


Ability to pay a standard periodic fee based on number of licensed users

Pay per User Model

License from software vendor on per user basis

Software as a Service hosting using "per user per month (PUMP) payment model


Ability of non-users to get standard, daily updated dashboards and scorecards as email, RSS feeds or through access on an intranet or extranet


Automates delivery of standard version of dashboard/scorecard to targeted population

Capability to publish current dashboards and scorecards to internet, intranet and extranets


Ability to grow system capacity based on needs and usage


Hardware and software upgrades driven by user traffic

Capacity to manage a growing number of dashboards and scorecards within an organization


Ability to develop maps that show schematically the flow of logic or events

Strategy and Logic Maps

Drawing and linking objects to depict logic flow and status change

Visualizes the flow of logic so that the map "tells the story" of the strategy or logic of the model


Ability to have scorecards flow from top down so that each is aligned with the one above and below


Templated or free-form scorecards structurally aligned with superior

Ability to connect scorecards from one level of report to the next, giving each owner a "line of sight" to top level objectives.


Ability to track progress of scorecard initiatives and projects

Initiative/Project Tracking

Visual indicator of status of project over time

Displays the progress of work in terms of budget, quality or other value over time


Ability to assign responsibilities for data maintenance, measure and objective performance

Metric Ownership

Accountability table for data maintenance and metric performance

Identifies accountabilities for data entry, objective and measure performance

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