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About Us:

Kiely and Associates launched in 1991 to consult on strategic organizational change. Building on his own professional experience as a national award-winning change agent, Ed Kiely started the firm to support public and non-profit officials facing major challenges. Clients eventually included private sector companies with ambitious strategic goals. Common to all are leaders who have a high personal stake in results that matter to the entire organization.

Kiely and Associates’ core competence is strategy design and execution, strategic performance management and change management. In support of our work with clients we develop and host Software-as-a-Service and IT applications built on Microsoft's Web Platform technology (Windows, SQL, SharePoint and PerformancePoint).

Our work is highly collaborative—engaging clients as teams, as we do our own colleagues. Experience tells us that clients know nearly all they need to know to make wise decisions about strategy. Our role is to facilitate, supplement and advise. And to those roles we bring deep bench strength:

  • Our associates—highly skilled veterans with specializations in the most commonly needed fields: finance, planning, marketing, banking, process, and human relations.
  • Our strategic partners—international best practice leaders in key methodologies, enabling us to bring supplemental expertise to our clients as needed.
  • Our international networks of subject matter experts—highly experienced content specialists in all sectors …public and private, for-profit and non-profit.
  • Our network of professional associations and research centers—leaders in management thought, standards and best practices.

"Collaboration is creative when it triangulates each other’s intuition. Two heads are better than one when they connect with heart.”