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Paul A. Ream, BS

Paul is has several Coaching and Mentoring Certifications from CMT Mentors and Innermetrix. In addition, Paul has been selected as one of less than 20 coaches to be certified as 5th level coaches by the personal coach of Anthony Robbins.

Some highlights:

  • Created a successful sales and marketing plan for a manufacturing company that was created out of the merger of two sometimes adversarial competitors.
  • Led a team which conducted three consecutive acquisitions. In addition, had full responsibility for the integration of these three private companies into the parent and served as President of all three.
  • Worked with a social services provider and developed job specific talent assessments to improve hiring and also to reduce turnover.
  • Operated a manufacturing company whose parent had sought out Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. During that period, effectively increased sales and backlog, maintained the entire workforce, improved profitability and personally brokered a sale of the company to a third party.
  • Developed a successful worldwide representative network for a US manufacturing company.
  • Designed and implemented overall marketing strategies.
  • Created employee retention programs by the development of job descriptions and a scientific review process.
  • Turned around a sales organization by coaching, creating accountability and the addition of better talent.
  • Created a successful company importing and exporting of technical products for the metals industry.
  • Assisted companies to improve their cash flows and availability
  • Coached and mentored numerous executives and entrepreneurs.
  • Developed and implemented strategic alliances and joint ventures.