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Our services support clients who are undertaking a major initiative or seeking significant change. From one-time transformational projects to sustained strategic management systems, our aim is to enhance collaborative focus on the drivers of change.


Our consulting supports organizational change from examining felt pain-points or gathering clouds to assessing opportunities and devising strategies to operationalizing strategic plans or deploying Balanced Scorecards.

We widen the scope of vision and sharpen the focus of those at the table with industry specific experience and best practices, thinking and standards--and then cull the wisdom of the project team to create powerful organic solutions.

Employing systems and process methodologies that are self-correcting, we make actual experience the driver of change for both stand-alone projects as well as on-going programs.

We rest our decision-making and prioritizations methods on the principal of leverage, the 80/20 Rule, seeking to exploit the vital few factors that maximize payoff.


Our web-based tools support our consulting services as well as our clients' technology needs beyond the engagement. They are built on state of the art technology used in the world's largest organizations, but scalable to meet the needs and resources of the smallest. Our tools are expandable and accessible via the net on an array of devices...regardless "how high you climb or how hard the wind blows."

We use Microsoft business intelligence applications to automate dashboards and scorecards with data feeds, alerts, visualizations, "drill down" and predictive analytics.

Building on Microsoft's SharePoint technology our tools supports collaboration, file sharing, scorecard cascading and an array of web-part applications for strategic management and organizational alignment.

Our visualization tools, scorecards and dashboards are customizable to reflect the kind of measures, monitoring, reporting and access appropriate to a range of organizational needs.


We host our tools for client a bridge until moved in-house...or indefinitely as a Software-as-a-Service offering. Data are portable to most major applications; design features are portable to same application installations.

Our hosting minimizes cost, time, personnel and effort to set-up and operate the applications, which are maintained, upgraded and supported by professional technicians.

Our servers are located in a Tier One data center (which also houses a state lottery). Clients control all data transfers from in-house sources through secure networks.

"The higher you climb the mountain, the harder the wind blows."
Sam Cummings